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If you thought contingency recruitment was the answer, think about the order book of the consultant whom you are asking to help.  How do you know you are offering the best fee, on the most attractive terms, or that your vacancy is the easiest to fill.  Unfortunately, you do not know and this represents a lottery for the support you require.

If you have engaged your chosen recruitment consultant on a retained search, you have made a conscientious step-forward to ensure the growth of your business is in expert hands.

Have you ever asked yourself if your retained recruitment partnership can be improved?


Vertizy was born from this very question, and we are pleased to say, yes you can!


Subscription-Based Recruitment;

  1. Twelve even monthly payments,

  2. No large one-off recruitment fees,

  3. Remove the spikes in your recruitment costs,

  4. No contracts - no need for rebates,

  5. New candidate leaves, you stop paying!

  6. Working with a true recruitment partner.

It's only when the tide goes out that you discover who's been swimming naked.

Warren Buffett

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