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  • You are a B2B Sales Professional,

  • You enjoy that great feeling when you help an organisation and it's people move a little closer to their objectives,  

  • You want to create more wealth, maximise your impact, and live a life where your time belongs to you,

  • You enjoy working in Sales, and don't buy into any get-rich-quick or leave your 9 to 5 in a couple of months mumbo jumbo,

  • You are open to sharing information with others like you for the greater good of the B2B Sales Professional.


  • Vertizy is a private members group for  B2B Sales Professionals,

  • We work to leverage your knowledge and give back your time to spend on personal interests, with friends or family, and taking holidays.

  • Looking after the interests of our members in an evolving world of employment where the old 'benefits package' in exchange for your 'life' no longer is that attractive.


Vertizy a vehicle to enable our members to move away from selling their time, towards selling their knowledge.  Along the way creating multiple streams of income and flexibility in their work-life. 

With 3 levels of engagement, Vertizy is about being among your peers, those equally keen to elevate the value of the B2B Sales Professional.

Vertizy will encourage you to take ownership of your career rather than depending on a CV governed by past employers.

Team North (1st 50)
Drop your details below to join the UK B2B Sales Movement!  We want Vertizy to be effective and have an impact so we need to limit our membership 
North West + North Wales


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